Stefan Hollenberg

From childhood on, Stefan Hollenberg was into arts and culture. Marked by his uncle, Franz Becker, who traded with important Asian art objects, he created his NOH dance & musical theatre in the 80s, a series of events that still serve as a role model for artistic events.

In the 90s he founded the NOH-gallery, and by putting his exceptional ideas into practice he realized time and again important events for the cultural and media landscape. Whether by creating artistic advertising material, decorations or installations.

Stefan Hollenberg’s installations have been achieving unique events for the last 25 years. Artistic lightings and projections, with an immense depth of field, create memorable moments for the spectator. To obtain this effect, handmade images are projected onto indoor and outdoor locations as well as onto three-dimensional decorative elements and stage settings created by Stefan himself. This way, different worlds of experiences, ambiences and atmospheres are formed and even involve the visitor into the action, if he stands in the projection. Logos and campaign motifs, as well as thematic images can also be integrated into the projections. Entire buildings and their surroundings are wrapped in varying projections, so that the houses and their proximity turn into real works of art.

By means of light and art, Stefan Hollenberg adds a new dimension to landscapes and buildings. Locations and spaces are enlivened by a unique atmosphere, and the visitors of the light-art event installations are positively inspired.

  • Light Art Lichtkunst Stefan Hollenberg Mallorca
  • Light Art Lichtkunst Stefan Hollenberg Mallorca
  • Light Art Lichtkunst Stefan Hollenberg Mallorca
  • Stefan Hollenberg NOH Gallery Event Mallorca
  • Stefan Hollenberg NOH Gallery Installation Mardavall Hotel Mallorca
  • Stefan Hollenberg NOH gallery PACHA Mallorca
  • Stefan Hollenberg Projections Ayuntamiento Mallorca Evento
  • Stefan Hollenberg Projections Lichtkunst Light Art Lichtkunst
  • Stefan Hollenberg Projections Light Art Lichtkunst